Dog Walking

Group walk - Provides plenty of fun and socialisation for your pup

1 hour: £10

Individual walk - For dogs that prefer to walk by themselves

1 hour: £15

*Discounts available for multiple dogs in the same household*

Puppy Visits

Visit to our younger furry friends.

I can pop over for lots of games, exercise and lots of cuddles!

Walking will only be considered once the pup is fully vaccinated. Walking will be staggered, to follow the recommendations of puppy exercise. - Please ask for more information!

30 mins £9

Different time scales available - just ask!

Pet feeding

I can care for your pets whilst you're on holiday!

These visits include, feeding, games and cuddles!

15 - 30 mins: £8 per visit

Other time scales available - just ask!

Home visits

Home visits can be more suited to our older furry friends. We can pop over to let out for the toilet, play some scent games and have lots of cuddles!

15 - 30 mins: £8

Different time scales available - just ask!